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Moses Kihomwe, managing director of Simalanga Africa Travel, was born and raised in a typical farming village in southern Tanzania, about 1000 kms from Arusha. He attended elementary school at the village before moving to Arusha for further studies. 

Following his secondary school education, Moses completed a mechanical engineering course. Shortly afterwards, while servicing vehicles for a safari company, he realised his true calling and enrolled in a wildlife management course in order to qualify as a professional guide. During his 27 years as a safari guide, Moses attended many workshops and training seminars to develop his knowledge of wildlife and his professional expertise. His passion and dedication to his work is palpable, inspiring and infectious. 

The past 27+ years, spent mostly in the outstanding natural beauty of the Tanzanian wilderness, have convinced Moses there are very few African countries with the diversity of wildlife and culture, the stunning landscapes and the open, friendly people that Tanzania has to offer. Moses is a life-long learner and avid educator. In addition to the natural and cultural treasures to be discovered in Tanzania, Moses brings to any safari  adventure his extensive experience and knowledge of people, African history, culture, lifestyle and cuisine, as well as his passion for the abundant flora and fauna of the environment.


Our vision is to help to transform the tourism industry into an eco-friendly and life-changing opportunity. We aim to do this by offering a learning experience, providing insightful information in a professional, related and engaging manner. We aim to immerse our travelers in a truly sensual, intellectual and emotional experience so they may experience fully the abundance of Africa’s cultures and natural resources.

Moses Kihomwe
Moses Kihomwe


The word Simalanga comes from Moses’s native language and simply means: Typical, True, Authentic, Real, For Sure, Seriously, Genuine … 

We believe the name, Simalanga, best describes the soul of Africa and Africans. It also captures the fact that Africa has untold riches to offer, many of which are yet to be discovered. Simalanga Africa Travel has the requisite experience and expertise to take travelers safely out of their comfort zone so they may discover what most visitors to Africa miss: as complete, rich and full an engagement as possible with the African experience. And we believe this begins with our willingness to share our knowledge, passion, learning and stories.

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