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Moses Kihomwe, managing director of Simalanga Africa Travel, was born and raised in a typical farming village about 1000 kms away from Arusha, in southern Tanzania. He attended elementary school at the village before moving to Arusha, where his cousin was residing, for further studies,

He is married to Damiana(Anna) and they are both blessed with five kids. Elizabeth, 24 yr, has just completed her Law bachelor degree, Joshua 23 yrs is a 1st year  bachelor of business administration, 21 yr Sara is a 2nd year bachelor of Sociology(HR), Lisa 16 yrs is in high school and Isaiah 10 yrs at 4th grade.

Moses attended the mechanical engineering course and thereafter completed the wildlife management course within Arusha, finding out this was his original call.

During his long lasting career, he also attended many workshops, annual trainings  and several studies to make him different and better than he was. He is really passionate and highly dedicated  to his job, as you can tell from the first time you meet him.

After working tirelessly as safari guide for over 23 years in the field, spending much of his time in the wilderness, experiencing the natural beauty of Tanzania, he concluded that it is one of very few countries in Africa filled with such diversity of wildlife, culture, beautiful landscapes, beautiful and very friendly people.

Through his long experience and expertise,  he strongly believes his company will operate  differently.

Moses also poses vast knowledge about people, culture, religious freedom, environment, lifestyle, flora  and fauna, and every other aspect of his country and Africa as as general.


Our vision is to passionately transform the tourism industry into more eco-friendly activity  and  life changing  tool  through  learning experience,  by providing  insightful information and  to become more interactive, informative and engaging. Our travelers will use their five senses to experience the African abundance of its cultures  and natural resources.

Moses Kihomwe
Moses Kihomwe


The word Simalanga comes from his native term which simply means: Typical, Truly, Authentic, Real, For Sure, Seriously, Genuine etc.


We believe this name explains the genuineness of Africa  and the fact that the country has so much  riches that is still caped which is yet to be discovered. And Simalanga is equipped to take you out of your comfort zone to discover what most people from your country miss when they come to Africa. And also Simalanga helps to facilitate and makes sure their travelers use their five senses to fully inhale the African experience,again we believes that above all this what makes the difference is the “INFORMATION” about it all.

Our Guides are interpretative guides the skill which just few apply and its such a modern way of guiding especially these days when most people simply google to pullout some information,so the Interpretive guides pulls out some unique details on actual sighting which could not be found online or books yet.

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