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We would like to bid you a very warm welcome to our beautiful country, Tanzania. Allow us to show you its beauty, its many natural wonders, and some of its most magical treasures that lie hidden in the heart of Tanzania's amazing landscape. Let us take you on a trip of a lifetime to witness the spectacular variety of wildlife that inhabits this land. A unique feature of Simalanga Africa Travel is that we provide both a guide and a driver in one vehicle to enhance security and effectiveness.

Our Testimonials

  • "I scarcely know where to begin. I'll start by saying my safari experience exceeded all expectations! I was somewhat apprehensive but within hours I knew I had made the right choice. Moses and his driver, Emmanuel, provided a superior education about all aspects of Africa: not just about the animals but also customs, fauna, food, animal behavior and on and on. Having a guide and a guide/driver enhanced our experience. Both were able to provide an in-depth education. The choice of lodgings was excellent. The concern for our comfort was endless. The side trips spectacular. "A once-in-a-lifetime experience with spectacular results. I wholeheartedly recommend Simalanga Africa Travel." Vicki Riffle -- Kansas, USA
  • Ann Skinner
    "An experience like no other in that we (myself and three travelling companions) felt safe and inspired. Our guide, Moses, who was also the organizer of our entire safari, had taken care of all essential details: the wonderfully environmentally aware places we stayed; the elegantly presented, healthy food we ate every day; the tented accommodation with indoor toilet, two sinks, excellent beds, heat if needed and a knock on the door in the early morning announcing tea or coffee. And then, on our safari adventure, there was Moses's knowledge of terrain, flora, fauna, and culture gained over nearly 30 years of guiding, all of which amounted to a university course on site in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Ruaha and Selous. Every day began with our moving into the land, continued with quiet observation of extraordinary rhythms of life, and ended with dinner under the stars with the roaring of lions and the braying of hippos in the distance. Thank you, Moses, for your expertise, humour, authority, thoughtfulness--and 'thank you' to your excellent drivers, as well. Most welcome of all, perhaps, was the experience you provided of Tanzanian culture through our meetings with local teachers and villagers, and our visits to museums and schools. A wonderful 16 days--not to be missed!" Ann Skinner -- Canada
    Ann Skinner
  • Wendy Willmot
    "I have been on safari now 3 times with Moses Kihomwe and his Simalanga Africa Travel safari company based in Arusha, Tanzania. My first experience was so profound that I took my entire family the following year! This was my legacy to them all, as both mother and grandmother. "I cannot recommend Moses and his company highly enough: his presence, courtesy, and attention to every detail were impeccable. These qualities, coupled with his deep knowledge acquired over nearly 27 years as a safari guide, opened up possibilities of experiencing the animals, and all forms of life, that one could not have imagined. No less important were the cultural experiences we shared with Moses, each of which gave us a rare and authentic window into the richness of his Tanzanian culture. "If you can ... simply GO!" Wendy Willmot -- Canada
    Wendy Willmot
  • Bernie Medved
    "I just finished loading all of your wonderful photos, Moses, as well as mine ... a total of 2000! I am so pleased with how yours and mine together capture so many incredible moments. I played them as a slideshow and smiled the entire time. "I simply don't know where to begin except to say the Safari was phenomenal. You did not disappoint in any way, shape or form but truly exceeded my expectations. Simalanga Africa Travel, your creation, can definitely lead the way as Number One with regard to safaris. Your passion and incredibly intuitive knowledge of the various behavior patterns of the animals truly enhanced my journey in Africa. The uniqueness of Simalanga's having a driver as well as yourself as our guide made the experience even more special. What a wonderful team you and Emmanuel have become! I was a bit apprehensive prior to the start of the journey but I can honestly say that I always felt safe and secure during this remarkable experience. Your choice of various sites to stay was exceptional and each place was wonderfully comfortable. It is so obvious that you have poured your heart and soul into Simalanga Africa Travel with a passionate desire to share such beautiful experiences as I have recently enjoyed, and to help others to get to know the real Africa, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tanzania and more. I thank you for making this exceptional experience a journey of a lifetime ... my lifetime." Bernie Medved -- Seattle, Washington -- June 2019
    Bernie Medved
    United States
  • Dr. Ann Yeoman
    "My entire trip exceeded all expectations. Accommodation in each safari park was 5*: fantastic food, exquisite service, gorgeous locations, each one offering a unique experience. With Moses and our drivers, I felt safe and cared for well and thoughtfully. Everyone was truly professional and also kind and friendly. Moses is an exceptional host and guide: his knowledge of his country's history, geography and culture is impressive, and his understanding of animal behaviour guaranteed an amazing safari experience: Moses has an uncanny knack of knowing where to find animals, and intuiting what they will do next! My group enjoyed the best views of wildebeest and zebra crossing the Mara River not once but twice! Moses has a way with people and enabled many very special meetings with Tanzanians and experiences of Tanzanian culture from time spent with Maasai school-children to a Zanzibar fish auction to savouring local cuisine to bartering for dress fabric! Brilliant and unforgettable. Thank you, Simalanga!" Dr. Ann Yeoman -- UK
    Dr. Ann Yeoman
    United Kingdom